For users installing Firefox 56 for the first time Mozilla to show onboarding overlay which appears when you click on the fox icon in about:home or new tab page, which contains 5 tours for existing non-photon features such as private browsing, add-ons, Customize, one-click search and Default Browser.

Photon team to add additional tours to onboarding overlay in Firefox 57 with which they ship¬†Photon design. These tours will introduce new photon features. Users who don’t want to see the tour will be allowed to hide the tour with a checkbox. At present, you can check the photon onboarding tour in latest Firefox Nightly.

Do note, currently, Nightly has Photon UI enabled by default, so if you want to see non-Photon designed Firefox 56 tour, you need to flip the preference ‘browser.photon.structure.enabled’ value to false.

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