For users installing Firefox 56 for the first time Mozilla to show onboarding overlay which appears when you click on the fox icon in about:home or new tab page, which contains 5 tours for existing non-photon features such as private browsing, add-ons, Customize, one-click search and Default Browser.

Photon team has added additional tours to onboarding overlay in Firefox 57 with which they ship Photon design. These tours will introduce new photon features.

Users who don’t want to see the tour will be allowed to hide the tour by clicking on’ skip tour’ button.  At present, you can check the photon onboarding tour in latest Firefox beta.

If you want to disable Photon onboarding tour and the fox icon on new tab page aka Activity Stream in Firefox browser, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit about:config,
  2. Find and change browser.onboarding.enabled preference value to false.