Mozilla to ship compact new tab page with Firefox 56.  For some time now Mozilla hasn’t exposed compact new tab page they’re working to Nightly users, it has been hidden behind a preference in about:config. The company today flipped the pref to on (‘true’)  and enabled the compact layout (6 columns, 2 rows) by default, which to ship with Firefox 56.

Mozilla made the compact new tab page similar to Activity Stream, which to replace new tab page and has been planned to ship to a portion of users in v56.

FYI,  Mozilla has recently integrated Pocket trending Stories into Activity Stream.

Disable compact New Tab Page and switch to older one in Firefox 

If you don’t like new layout that shows tiny thumbnails, you can revert back to older one by changing ‘browser.newtabpage.compact’ preference value to false.

You need to restart Firefox browser to see the changes.

Who looks at new tab page these days in any browser? Let us know if you’ve any interesting things to say about your new tab page.

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