Status monitoring which was available in Avast and accessible through Settings –which allows to disable individual shields — has been removed in Avast 17.5.2302. Now the dashboard will show the warnings if you’ve intentionally disabled a shield or two, by visiting components in Settings, which you can set to ignore or resolve from the dashboard.

Meanwhile, Avast tray icon shows an exclamation mark with ‘attention’ message. You can check and access all ignored and resolved notifications (and even undo changes) by launching notification center.

.Latest Avast gets behavior shield

Avast free antivirus 17.5.2302

Avast software has introduced Ransomware shield with this update and is available in Avast Internet Security and Avast Premium editions only. As we mentioned above, this update brings a new warning system on the dashboard to show status of inactive shields.

Avast team has added warnings to the notification center. Other changes are :some popups have been redesigned and Notification counter has been added to tray icon.

Note: Generally, if all antivirus shields are active and functioning, dashboard and tray icon will show ‘ you’re protected’ message and notification center informs you’ve ‘no new notifications’.

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What’s new:

  •  New feature: Ransomware Shield (for Internet Security and Premier)
  •  New warning system on dashboard
  •  Warnings added to notification center
  •  Redesigned some popups
  • Notification counter added to tray icon
  • Fixed issues with public profile in Firewall

Download Avast 17.5.2302 from here.