Vivaldi team is kept on adding new features and fixing bugs and improving the browser in Snapshot version 1.10. Till now Vivaldi 1.10 has made developer tools dockable, allows to sort downloads and set desktop wallpaper as start page background and install new tab extensions, now, today released update for Vivaldi 1.10 Snapshot has added ‘toggle images’ option to the view menu and offers a default keyboard shortcut for the same. This feature already exists in status bar, those who don’t know or hide the status bar, will find it most useful.

Toggle display of images

Want to block or hide images in a active web page you’re on, select ‘Toggle images’ option in the view menu or press Ctrl+Alt+I on Windows or ⌥+⌘+I on Mac OS. You can set whatever shortcut you want to toggle images by visiting Settings > Keyboard  Shortcuts > Tab.

If you want to disable loading of images on all sites in Vivaldi browser, then visit content settings and choose ‘Do not show any images’ under ‘Images’ option.

Other changes 

Speed dial column limit removed.

Till now, the maximum number of columns you’re allowed to set for Speed dial is 6 only. With this update, that limit has been increased to 12.

Visit Settings > Start Page and set maximum columns to greater than 6 or 12.

The browser engine (Chromium) has been updated to 58.0.3029.114.

Download Vivaldi 1.10.845.3