Vivaldi has added ‘Controlled by Extension’ option New Tab Page settings. Vivaldi by default, sets New Tab Page to Start Page, so whenever you open a new tab, you’ll see same old speed dials. Like Google Chrome, if you want to customize or change Vivaldi new tab page with extensions available in the Web store, it’s now very much possible in latest Vivaldi 1.10 snapshot.

“We have now added the option that lets you control what happens on these new tab pages with extensions. With this feature, you can put that new tab real estate to use in any way you like.” Vivaldi’s QA Engineer, Maria Popova said in a blog post.

Customize Vivaldi New Tab Page by installing extensions in Chrome Web Store

1. Visit Chrome Web Store and  install New Tab extensions like Momentum or Infinity New Tab or try the extensions in this link generated by the web store for ‘Customize Chrome new tab Page’

2. After installing an extension, open Settings > Tabs and choose ‘Controlled by Extension’.

3. Done.

“You may want to put this functionality to work to enhance your productivity, check different time zones or find motivational quotes – there’s lots of new tab extensions out there to choose from.”

Note: The newly added option appears only after installing New tab extensions, which are plenty available in Chrome Web Store, go ahead and have a try.

Download Vivaldi 1.10.838.7

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