If your Windows 10 isn’t showing most used applications on the start menu, then you need to ensure ‘Show most used apps ‘ option is turned on for Start in Settings. If you’ve tweaked Windows Settings to protect your Privacy, you may notice this setting being grayed out. Don’t worry! Fixing this issue is not that difficult, follow the steps mentioned below for that.

Fix ‘Show most used apps’ Start setting grayed out in Windows 10

  1. Click on Start, search for Settings and open it
  2. Open Privacy, click on General and check ‘Let Windows track app launches to improve Start and search results‘ is enabled, if disabled, enable it.
  3. Done, now visit Settings > Personalization > Start, ‘Show most used apps’ setting becomes normal, you can then turn it on or leave it as it is without making any changes.

You can now hide App list in Start Menu in Windows 10