Vivaldi 1.9 stable version based on Chromium 58 is out for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and available with inclusion of a new Search engine, Ecosia. Vivaldi and Ecosia have joined hands for the users to plant trees as they browse. How does this happen? With the ad revenue generated from User searches, Ecosia plants trees. Its’ that simple.

What’s new in Vivaldi 1.9

Ecosia uses Bing and its own algorithms for search results. If you’re upgrading from Vivaldi 1.8, it will be only available to you, if you click ‘Restore Defaults’ in Search settings. FYI, Vivaldi 1.9 uses Yahoo as default search engine.

How to Change Vivaldi browser’s Default Search Engine to Google

Vivaldi’s co-founder/CEO, Jon von Tetzchner says “By using Ecosia, you can turn your web searches into trees planted in the world’s most environmentally threatened areas. Ecosia donates at least 80% of its profits from search ad revenue to support tree planting programs around the world.”

Head over to the Ecosia home page to see the total number of trees planted by them so far till now.

Other than Ecosia comes as pre-installed Search engine, this version of Vivaldi lets you reorder extension icons in the address bar. The browser also allows to change the directory that store screen captures and offers the ability to sort notes. This version also includes improvements to URL autocomplete, and privacy and security.

Download Vivaldi 1.9