Firefox Screenshots, formerly known as a Test Pilot Experiment PageShot, is now available in Firefox 55 Nightly as a feature. The screenshots feature, lets you capture web pages and save to your computer or share on social platforms, has been added as a system add-on to Nightly version, but disabled by default.

Enable Firefox Screenshots in Nightly

To activate Firefox Screenshots.

1. Visit about:config

2. Change ‘extensions.screenshots.system-disabled‘ preference value to ‘false‘.

Then you can notice a new screenshots icon on the toolbar. You can also use ‘Take Screenshot’ option available in the tab context menu.

UPDATE, May 28, 2017: Screenshots feature now enabled by default in Nightly.

Using Firefox Screenshots

Screenshots which is currently in beta, allows to take, share, and save screenshots without leaving the Firefox browser. You can either drag or click on the page to select a region on the webpage, for which, you want to capture or use the ‘Save full page’ or ‘Save visible’ buttons that appear when you click on the Screenshots icon.

Note: You can’t take screenshot of a Firefox internal Page or the new tab page.

If you choose to capture entire page or part of page, then new tab opens where new shot will be created and a link to screenshot will be automatically copied to clipboard and notification about the same will be displayed in Firefox browser, you can use Ctrl+V to paste the shot in any image editing application. For the created shot, you’ve options to delete, download or share on the web.



  • Capture visible area in a window or full page.
  • You can share the shots or download them to your computer.
  • ‘My shots’ button shows all the shots you’ve taken so far at this address:

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