No one expected this. Mozilla already informing Nightly features through a twitter handle and with a blog post they post for every two weeks. now they’re adding release notes to this. Yes! Firefox Nightly Release notes is up and available here.

While it’s not possible for the company to offer change log for Nightly that releases everyday, but after Aurora channel removal (project dawn), they’re now documenting the significant changes in Nightly to mention in Firefox final release notes.

Firefox Nightly Release Notes

“It means that in the context of Project Dawn, we have started monitoring all the commits landing on mozilla-central so as to make sure changes that would merit a mention in Firefox final release notes are properly documented. This is something that we used to do with the Aurora channel, we are just doing it for Nightly instead and we do that several times a week.”

Mozilla promises Nightly release notes will be updated continuously and changes that haven’t been merged into Beta will only be included in the notes. Do know features that are hidden behind a preference in about:config, such as Firefox screenshots, won’t be included in the Nightly Notes.

Firefox Nightly Release notes