Activity Stream, currently available as a test pilot experiment, replaces new tab page and displays thumbnails for top sites and Highlights – these are derived from your browsing history. The experiment to become a feature in Firefox 57, in which you can see new UI, Photon, which is currently under development by the Firefox team. To the latest Activity Stream dev, Mozilla has integrated Pocket.

This test pilot version of the Activity Stream experiment will be launched on May 1st. With Pocket’s ‘Trending Stories and recommended items’ addition to Activity Stream, Firefox New Tab Page now can display Trending Stories, apart from default displayed top sites and Highlights. You need to visit AS extension settings and enable an option to show Trending Stories on NTP. If you can’t wait till May 1st, you can install AS dev from here.

Disable Trending Stories Shown by Pocket on Chrome New Tab Page

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Test Pilot user, do you think Pocket as a useful addition to Activity Stream? Let us know your opinions in the comments.