The social sites do show unread message notifications in their page titles, if you’ve many regular tabs or pinned tabs open for such sites, the numbers shown by those won’t stand out, that’s why Vivaldi browser has introduced Tab Notifications aka Page Title Notifications, which notify the changes taking place in both regular of pinned tabs.

Vivaldi browser detects unread notifications count on social networking and messaging sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Gmail and displays it above the site favicon. If you don’t like the Tab Notifications feature launched with Vivaldi 1.6 or not found it that useful, you can disable it, here is how that can be done.

Disable Vivaldi Tab Notifications

1. Open Vivaldi browser, click on V menu icon > Tools > Settings

2. In the Settings window, click on Tabs and uncheck ‘ Detect Page Title Notifications’ under Tab Options of Tab Display.