Vivaldi browser has supported autoupdate feature from its initial version 1.0. Auto Update doesn’t mean, much like Chrome, Vivaldi will update itself automatically, it’s not. Auto-Updater included in Vivaldi will check for new updates and notifies user when an update is available, it will prompt to install the new version with options to skip and remind later -it goes away and you will be reminded some time later.

Latest Vivaldi version 1.8 offers options in Settings to disable or enable autoupdate feature, this also includes a setting to show notification about updates when Vivaldi isn’t running.

While former is activated by default, but the latter is deactivated and when it is enabled, Vivaldi Update Notifier.exe process (update_notifier.exe) runs.

Disabling Vivaldi browser’s Auto Updates

If you’ve any reasons not to upgrade to a new version (which is not recommended) nor don’t want to receive Vivaldi update notification, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Click on Vivaldi menu item > Tools >  Settings > Autoupdate, uncheck ‘Enable autoupdate

After Preventing Vivaldi from auto updating, you can still able to manually ‘check for updates’ by selecting an option from the Vivaldi Help menu.

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