If you’re the only user using Chrome on your computer, then you may not know this: just like you can create different user accounts on Windows and use, similarly, you can do that for Google browser also. Yes! Chrome browser supports multiple profiles and it offers Guest mode.

If you don’t want your family members or relatives or others to access the internet using Chrome browser on your PC without having to access your Chrome settings, history, passwords, etc., then Guest browsing mode is the right option.

Chrome offers User Menu to Switch Users, Access Incognito and enter Guest Mode

Like Incognito mode, the pages you visit in the Guest browsing mode, won’t appear in the browsing history and other traces like cookies, also will not be saved to computer when you close all open Guest Windows. But, the files you download however will be preserved.

Using Chrome’s Guest browsing mode

1.  Visit Chrome settings and under people, ensure ‘Enable Guest browsing is checked’

2. Now to enter guest mode, click on your username or You menu and choose ‘Guest’

3. A separate instance of Chrome will open, after browsing, to close Guest mode, click on ‘Guest’ and choose ‘Exit Guest’.

The difference between Chrome’s incognito and Guest mode is former allows to see user’s browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, autofill data, and access Chrome Settings, where the latter doesn’t.