Vivaldi 1.8 stable has been released with a new history feature that shows your browsing patterns in calendar view and history panel, and advanced tab muting options. Thanks to Google for deprecating the Chrome Plugins page, Chromium 57 based Vivaldi 1.8 doesn’t have a dedicated plugins page now which used to exist in the past in the form of Vivaldi://plugins, that now displays ‘This site can’t be reached’ error page.

But still, you can able to control crucial plugins such as Flash, Internal PDF Viewer and Widevine plugin  by visiting Vivaldi web browser settings.

Managing plugins in Vivaldi 1.8

Click on V menu > Tools > Settings >  Webpages,

On the right side, under Plugins, you can see options to enable or disable Internal PDF Viewer, Wildvine Plugin.

Chrome 57: How to Disable/Enable Chrome PDF Viewer?

And Flash has been set to default setting: ‘Detect and Allow important Flash Content’, which you can change to ‘Always Allow Flash’ or ‘Never Allow Flash’.

Install Flash Player for Vivaldi/Opera browser