After revealing Opera Neon concept browser, now Opera desktop team is working on a bigger project, codenamed Reborn to make a new User Interface for Opera browser. Reborn User Interface is now available in  Opera 45 developer for preview. As Opera said, ‘like Neon, Reborn modernizes Opera browser with new icons, colors’ and animations.

Project Reborn in Opera 45 developer adds Dark theme, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Messenger

Dark Theme 

Initially, when the first Reborn build was released, they’ve made the Dark color theme available along with three new backgrounds. With Light color theme being the default one, those who like to see Opera browser with dark theme, can activate by visiting Settings >Browser and check ‘Use Dark theme‘. If you don’t like it? Uncheck the setting.

New Sidebar with Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp integration

Inspiring from Neon browser, Opera has moved sidebar from the speed dial to the browser window. From this new sidebar, you can able to access tools such as Bookmarks, Personal News, History, Extensions and Settings. In the current developer build, you can notice Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger icon on the sidebar.

This allows you to open Messenger in the sidebar and lets you chat while you browse ( Remember Vivaldi Web Panels? Opera wants to emulate that). You can click on each service and login to Messenger. Don’t like these additions? You can able to disable them by right click on sidebar.

Well! The Opera Desktop team is planning to add more such services to the sidebar, you can ignore or deactivate them if you don’t like if that happens.