Avast 2017 has improved the Game Mode, so that Gamers while playing games won’t get interrupted by notifications triggered by Avast or Windows- they’ll be muted, and the feature pauses Windows Updates from slowing down your PC while you play. Furthermore, Game Mode, which was enabled by default, optimizes PC settings and suspends background processes so that the game gets high priority.

How Avast’s Game Mode works?

Avast automatically detects games you launch and adds them to its list. You can able to add a game manually by visiting User interface > Performance > Game Mode, click ‘Add a Game’, select the game executable and done. Whenever you launch the game, Avast switches into the Gaming Mode.

If Avast is detecting some PC applications as games when you run, you can disable the feature, follow the below instructions for that.

In the above screenshot, you can notice, Avast has added Windows 10 Photos app to Game Mode list.

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Turning off Game Mode of Avast

  1. Open Avast User interface, click on Performance, and click on Game Mode and click on the Green slider to change to Off.

There is also another setting available in the Settings dialog window to deactivate the feature.

  1. Open Avast User interface, click on Settings
  2. Select Components, scroll down to the bottom and under Performance, double click on the slider to change to off from On.

Uninstall or remove game mode

You can able to uninstall Game Mode component by visiting ‘components’ under ‘Settings’ or you can achieve the same by opening control Panel programs and features, choosing ‘Change’ for Avast and uncheck the required option.

NOTE: Avast protection will be no way affected if you disable or remove Game Mode.