Avira Scout browser comes out of beta, stable version released. Avira has finally launched Avira Scout browser for public and is available for download. Avira which claims Scout as ‘the browser for your security and privacy’ is based on Chromium 56, with Avira browser security, HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger built-in.

And Scout comes with Do Not Track feature enabled by default. Incremental updates, similar to Vivaldi delta updates, save your bandwidth and deliver only changes added to the new version.

Avira Scout Browser

Avira Browser Safety

Avira Browser Safety (ABS) based on Avira URL Cloud (AUC) data, blocks PUPs or PUAs, malicious, phishing and spamming sites. ABS enables Do Not Track feature. With Anti-tracking feature, the feature blocks many trackers before they are loaded.

Autopilot, which you see as a green icon on toolbar includes Avira Browser Safety. Autopilot displays privacy and Modes tabs. Former lets you manage trackers in a page. Latter shows three modes to user:

Safe Surfing, Safe and Private and Custom.

‘Safe Surfing Mode – Enhanced privacy and safe browsing without requiring user input or changing their experience’.
‘Safe and Private Mode – Provides a higher level of security and privacy with easy-to-use Scout pop-up boxes’.

Custom gives more control over the options.

Avira Browser Safety Extension now blocks Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUPs)

EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger integrated

Scout browser ‘incorporates  HTTPS Everywhere, a technology developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to ensure that people use a secured, encrypted connection whenever possible’.

Scout combines Privacy Badger and Avira Browser Safety to block trackers.

Avira Scout: Avira’s secure browser to come preinstalled with HTTPS Everywhere & Privacy Badger extensions

Avira Scout browser installation

Scout browser will be installed by using Avira Connect. After installation, it automatically imports profile containing bookmarks, history,.extensions, etc from your default browser into it.

Do note, Avira SafeSearch will be set as new tab page and default search engine. You can visit search settings and change Search engine to other than SafeSearch. As a result of this, Search engine will be changed as well as New Tab Page – you’ll see Chrome New Tab Page then.


 Flash Player 

Scout Browser doesn’t come with Flash Player. You’ve to install Flash in Scout browser like you do for Opera/Vivaldi browser, after all, it is yet another browser based on Chromium.

Install Flash Player for Vivaldi/Opera browser

Other plugins, which you can also notice in Chrome://plugins page when you visit are: Chromium PDF Viewer and Native Client.

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Download Avira Scout