Latest Vivaldi snapshot 1.7.735.29 has added History Panel to the sidebar, this makes it quickly access history in a panel view while browsing the pages in Vivaldi. Neat and convenient. Till now, you can able to see the web pages you’ve visited so far in Vivaldi by visiting Vivaldi://history or by clicking on History on start page.

Following the footprints of Firefox and Chrome, Vivaldi team has added security feature to the snapshot, which shows a warning when password information was requested by non-secure (HTTP) websites.

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History Panel in Vivaldi browser

Click on the History panel on the sidebar to see the list of pages or sites you’ve visited for, Today. You can able to access History for last week, month or all duration by choosing the options provided, which appear when you click down arrow. The panel also includes a search feature and date range options so that you can able to find that page URL you don’t remember.

You can download latest Vivaldi 1.7.735.29 snapshot from here.

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