Here is the malware or suspicious programs that trouble Chrome browser or change its new tab page or search engine and browser settings. When you download and run Chrome Cleanup Tool (formerly known as Software Removal tool) on your computer, it scans Chrome files for the known unwanted programs (check them below) and removes if any found and asks to reset settings after that. The tool deletes itself from downloaded location automatically after running.

If Chrome browser is behaving weirdly by displaying unusual startup pages, toolbars or popups, which you can’t remove, then you need to use this tool (sometimes, Google browser itself prompts to run the tools when it detects such behavior), which does a factory reset of Chrome.

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Unwanted programs that can be detected and removed by Chrome Cleanup tool on Windows

Below is the list and it continues to grow, thanks to Google for updating the tool often that adds support to find more unwanted programs that tend to trouble Chrome browser.

BrowseFox, PullUpdate, Vitruvian, V-Bates, SearchProtect, SupTab, MySearchDial, SaveSense, Price Meter, Sputnik/Guard, Conduit Toolbars, Community Alerts & ValueApps. Wajam, Multiplug, Shopper Pro, Stormwatch, SmartBar, Dealply, SmartWeb, MySearch123, AdPea, Etranslator, CouponMarvel, PriceFountain, Techsnab, Colisi, BrApp, LuckyTab, OneCall, Crossrider, Eorezo, Consumer Input, Content Defender, Movie Dea.

If the tool doesn’t detect the malware that made Chrome to malfunction, you can run the free version of  Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner on your computer to remove.

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What is software_reporter_tool.exe and why its there in Chrome Folder?

Google Software Removal Tool is now Chrome Cleanup Tool