The previous snapshot of Vivaldi 1.7 released in December has got screenshot taking feature. Another and first snapshot for Vivaldi browser released this January features an optional toggle button for extension icons visibility. The snapshot is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and is available for download from Vivaldi website.

Vivaldi browser: How to Hide or show extension icons?

If you’ve installed many extensions in Vivaldi browser, and if the UI is cluttered with their icons, you can now hide them for a clean browser interface with a single click.

For that,

  1. Visit Settings > Address bar and check ‘Show Extensions Visibility Toggle’  under Extensions.
  2. Now click on three vertical dots icon.

Vivaldi 1.7 lets you toggle extensions visibility in the browser

Native screenshot taking feature in Vivaldi 

Vivaldi browser with version 1.7 allows to capture a selection of web page or browser user interface. Visit a page, click on the camera icon in the status bar, choose the image format to be saved from: PNG or JPEG, click on ‘Select Area’. Captured picture will be saved to ‘Vivaldi Pictures’ folder under ‘Pictures’.

Vivaldi 1.7 screenshot feature

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You can download Vivaldi 1.7.715,3 snapshot that has these two features and improvements and bug fixes from here