If you’re using W3 Total Cache plugin for your WordPress site and not using MaxCDN, which you have configured sometime back, W3TC may show this error when you visit the plugin dashboard: ‘MaxCDN encountered an error trying to retrieve data, make sure your host support cURL and outgoing requests: Your account has been disabled‘. Here is how to remove this error.

Fixing W3 Total Cache’s MaxCDN encountered an error

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1. All you need to do is visit CDN section and remove the authorization key and click on ‘save all settings’.

2. Done!  The error goes away.

Note: FYI, we’ve used the MaxCDN service in the past on this site, but because of this site under a shared hosting plan, hosting provider has blocked some IPs of CDN which prevented the functioning of service, when contacted host, they asked to move to a separate server. That’s why have we stopped using the CDN service.

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