Yesterday, Adobe has released Security update for its PDF Reader app – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, when you download and install the program online, Adobe Acrobat extension will be installed in Chrome silently (this has not happened before with previous versions), the browser shows notification about the same and offers options within the notification to disable or remove the extension.

The extension in question allows to convert web pages to PDF via the option present in the Context menu, but Chrome browser itself allows to save a web page in PDF format easily. So there isn’t much use with this extension, moreover, there is a privacy issue associated with Adobe Acrobat as it anonymously sends product usage info to Adobe by default, you can find the option to disable that in the extension’s options.

You can visit chrome://extensions page and remove the Adobe Acrobat extension.

Avoid Adobe Acrobat extension being installed in Chrome browser

If you don’t want Adobe Acrobat extension to be installed sneakily in Chrome browser without your consent, next time, install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC offline.