Previous snapshot of Vivaldi has added Named Tab Stacks feature, today, another Vivaldi snapshot — Vivaldi 1.6.687.3 — has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and is available for download with Page Title Tab Notifications feature.  The feature works well with Pinned tabs on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Instead of you need to mouse hover to see you’ve any unread messages, Vivaldi counts the numbers disclosed in parenthesis in page title and highlights above the favicon.

When the notification count passes 9, Vivaldi displays as a ‘+’ to save space within the favion area, then you need to hover over the tab to see the full number in the page title.

Page Title Tab Notifications in Vivaldi browser

Page Title Tab notifications feature has been enabled by default, you can disable it by visiting Vivaldi browser settings page.. Settings > Tabs > Tab Display > Display Page Title Notifications.


Vivaldi 1.6 Page title tab notifications

This build includes another feature, which lets you cut off the end of URL when you hold Ctrl and click on any word within the URL. Vivaldi feels ‘this makes it very easy to move upwards through a directory structure on a website’.

This snapshot apart from these two, includes fixes for many bugs as Vivaldi team has started to stabilize Vivaldi 1.6. You can download Vivaldi 1.6.687.3 snapshot from here