Stable version of Vivaldi 1.6 based on Chromium 55 has been released and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms with three new features: Tab Notifications, Named Tab Stacks and Tab selection by domain.

Tab Notifications: Vivaldi is the first browser to display notifications in tabs. The browser counts the notification numbers displayed by Web sites on page titles and highlights the number as an overlay icon above the favicon. If the count passes 9, + will be displayed to save space within the  favicon area. The Tab Notifications feature is enabled by default in version 1.6, works with regular and pinned tabs.

Named Tab Stacks: This version of Vivaldi allows to rename Tab Stacks. To do that, visit Settings > Tabs > Tab Features, under Tab Stacking, check ‘Allow Tab Stack Renaming’. Create a stack by gathering two or more similar content tabs, right click on the Tab Stack and select ‘ Rename Tab Stack’ and give a name.

Easier Tab Selection by domain

Vivaldi now allows to select multiple tabs of same domain -tab selection by domain- more easily: hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and double click on one of tabs. Then, by using the options available on right click menu you can able to Bookmark tabs or tile them or clone or create a new tab stack. You can close all tabs selected this way at once by using the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut.

Download Vivaldi 1.6