Google Chrome browser has prerendering — a technology that allows browser to predict the pages user going to visit and loads the pages instantaneously by loading the page before in the background –enabled by default. Opera 43 has prerendering enabled by default in latest dev version, Opera Software calls it as speculative Prerenderer. Opera doesn’t prerender the pages under battery saving mode. You can check a browser has prerendering enabled or disabled by visiting Prerender test page.

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Opera 43: Address bar speculative Prerenderer

Opera desktop team says ” We expect this feature to results in an average of 1 second faster loads from the address bar. That means that instant page loads become much more common.”

You can disable this feature in Opera browser by visiting the Privacy Settings … Settings > Privacy & Security > ‘Predict network actions to improve page load performance‘.

To test how opera prerenderer is doing, visit some sites from address bar, and then check these Opera internal pages.



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