WinPatrol program, which has been acquired by Ruiware two years back, has got an update: WinPatrol v34. 11.2016,17 has been released with the addition of new file size monitor feature and is available for download. The main aim of the feature –which you can find on the interface — is to find and show files inside My Documents, so you can remove the unnecessary ones to gain disk space. You can find similar functionality offered by CCleaner with Disk Analyzer tool. FYI, free version displays up to a maximum of 10 items only, where as Plus version can list up to 2000 entries.

WinPatrol’s File Size Monitor feature

For each file shown in the results after the scan, the following information will be displayed: File name, Path, Type, File Size, Last Accessed and Date Created. It allows to filter files by size, by file type or user can define his own extension filters. You can view file properties, delete selected files, and export the contents of tab into a CSV file.


This version also makes File Types association monitoring feature compatible with all Windows OSes starting from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Since the ownership change, the WinPatrol has got support for 64-bit apps detection and Edge browser cookies.

You can download WinPatrol 34.11.2016.17 from here.

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