Vivaldi browser now allows to load insecure content at the users request. Like to Chrome’s ‘This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources’, Vivaldi blocks insecure content found on an secured site and shows this error on hover over the content blocker icon (this is not the one in Page actions): ‘Content from unauthenticated sources has been blocked. Click allow to loading‘.

When you click on the icon (which is not recommended) Vivaldi browser refreshes the page and loads the page content. including the insecure one. To show the page isn’t fully secure, Vivaldi shows this iconsite-not-fully-secure-lock-icon for the site in the address field .Unlike Chrome’s approach which needs two clicks from user to load the content, Vivaldi loads the content with one click.


Here Vivaldi  is protecting you from a site that’s not secure to ensure your information doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

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