After 8 months of development (that also includes public beta release), stable version of Pale Moon 27 has been released and available for download with new features, significant changes, improvements and bug fixes. The new version of Pale Moon with browser engine Goanna 3.0 – that has many changes for layout and rendering for modern web – is no longer available for Windows XP and the browser has got support for HTTP/2 (full support), Media Source extensions, and DirectX 11 and DirectX 2d 1.1 on Windows.


Pale Moon 27 final

Pale Moon 27

Removed features

1.  You can’t use Pale Moon 27 on XP, the support has been removed, switch to Pale Moon 26 for that if you’re using that OS.

2. Internal PDF Viewer

3.  Developer tools. A browser extension is now available if you want to use dev tools.

4.  Active XSS filter.

5. Removed the support for Add-on SDK extensions (JetPack extensions).

Pale Moon version 27 now comes with these search providers by default: DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, Ecosia, Twitter, and Wikipedia. You can add Google as search provider in new Pale Moon using the workaround we mentioned, we’ve tested it and it’s working.


Pale Moon 27 after adding Google Search plugin

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You can find the release notes hereDownload Pale Moon 27.

UPDATE: read How to set Google as default Search engine in Pale Moon 27