Trying to play a Flash video/game on Facebook in Chrome browser and greeted with couldn’t load plugin error? You’re not alone! Some Chrome users on stable channel 54 are getting the same error with many other sites that use flash. Latest Flash Player 23 denies to load flash plugin content and throwing that error, which Google has acknowledged -it’s a bug, they’re working on a fix for this.

Chrome 54 using Flash version 23 on Windows, Mac and Linux are affected. Chrome team is finding hard to resolve this issue. For updates on this issue, follow this bug 651945Flash v23 -could not load the plugin. 



Flash Player 23’s Couldn’t load plugin error in Google Chrome

 Routine flash troubleshooting methods not working

Normally, deleting PepperFlash folder from User data folder, and updating the flash player component by visiting chrome://components page, fixes the most issues with flash in Chrome browser, but that’s not happening this time.

Tip: By visiting chrome://version page, you can know the Chrome profile path, it will look like this for Windows 7/8/ 10.

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default, under User Data directory, you’ll find PepperFlash folder.

Verifying Flash Player installed in Chrome 

When you visit the Flash Player help page, you can know the flash player version you’ve installed and if you see moving clouds animation under ‘verify whether Flash Player is installed’, then you’ve flash successfully installed.

If you see ‘Couldn’t load plugin’ error, then you’re affected, visit chrome://plugins page, and ensure the plugin was enabled. If Flash is outdated, then visit about://components and check for an update for Flash. If nothing works, wait for Google to fix the issue.

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