Two days back, Piriform has released CCleaner 5.24.5839 that has improved Windows Explorer cleaning. Today, another update is available for CCleaner  — CCleaner 5.24.5841 — without any change log. Though the company hasn’t officially announced the reason for issuing another update for the same version, we came to know from the discussion in their forums that ‘ The Dev Team released a ‘patch’ to fix an issue they found that was not yet discovered by users.’

What’s that issue is not disclosed by Piriform. Anyway to avoid issues with CCleaner, ensure you’re using the latest version of the tool, you can find CCleaner 5.24 change log below.

What’s new in CCleaner 5.24

  •  Improved Firefox History cleaning
  • Improved Opera and Vivaldi Session cleaning
  • Updated Internet Explorer and Edge Cache cleaning
  • Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning
  • Improved Monitoring notifications
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


Download CCleaner 5.24.5481