Surprise! Vivaldi browser has got Reader Mode with the latest snapshot 1.5.633.3, but the feature has been existed since a long time in the Page Actions in the form of Readability. To make it accessible, Vivaldi team has added a button to the address bar. When you click the Reader Mode button, the feature strips out clutter from the page and makes the article reader friendly. Apart from this, this snapshot has added few new settings and fixes bugs.

Vivaldi gets Reader Mode

As Vivaldi’s Ruari Odegaard said in the blog post, the feature is still work in progress and it’s not perfect. ATM, you can still test it for articles by clicking on the Reader Mode or Reader View icon in the address bar.

vivaldi-reader-modeIf you’ve received the previous update through delta update based system, this snapshot will also be delivered through delta update mechanism.

You can download Vivaldi 1.5.633.16 snapshot from here.