UBlock Origin developer has made some changes to uBO Chrome code that has multi-process support and ported into a WebExtension for Firefox’s and is now available for Nightly for testing. Keep in mind, Ublock Origin WebExtension is in the experimental stage and works in Nightly for now, and you’ve to install this extension in temporary installation mode to work.

Ublock Origin WebExtension for Firefox


1. Ensure you’re using Nightly, download WebExtension version of Ublock Origin zip file (uBlock0.webext.zip).

2. Extracts its files to a folder.

3. Visit about:debugging page and click on ‘Load Temporary add-on


Installing Ublock Origin WebExtension in Firefox

4. Browse through UBlock0.Webext folder contents and select mainfest.json file, the extension will be installed for that session. When you restart the browser, extension will be removed.

Head over Ublock releases page to grab the WebExension version of Ublock Origin. When UBO Webextn for Firefox stable is ready, you can able to download by visiting this page.