Google is your best friend when coming to currency conversions, do we really need a browser to have this feature? Opera Software thought so and added currency converter feature to Opera browser’s latest developer version (Opera 42). You’ve to select a value with currency symbol for the search popup to show the value. Yes! An automatic currency converter has been integrated into the Opera Search popup.

Opera Currency Converter

“Our search popup has been upgraded with an automatic currency converter to the currency matched by your location. Just select the value with currency symbol (e.g. $10, 100 Kč) and check the value in the popup.”


Opera 42 has included currency converter in the search popup

“Opera 42 supports converting from 32 currencies based on daily values from the European Central Bank.” You always have the control which currency to be shown after conversion, you can find that option in settings.

For that, visit, Opera settings > Browser, scroll down and under User Interface, for the ‘On text selection convert currency to‘ click on drop down and choose currency.


Opera 42 with a currency converter [Video]

Apart from this Opera developer 42.0.2392.0 has brought push messages support, usability improvements, network installer for  Opera 64-bit and Personalized Newsreader shows you a blue dot notification over the newspaper icon whenever new content available in ‘my sources’.

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Opera Launches Portable Installer for developer version, available for download

And Navigation bar on Start Page has got context menu. You can now able to control the visibility of Nav bar icons, right click on the side bar and hide or show the menu items.

You can download Opera 42.0.2392.0 dev from here.