Opera software has released Opera 41 stable for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available for download. With the addition of smarter startup sequence, this version is now faster and offers a better browsing experience to you.

Till now Opera used to load all tabs from the previous session on startup, the more tabs, the more time the browser takes to load, which no longer the case. From this version onwards, with delay loading of background tabs setting turned on, only pinned tabs and most recently active tabs will be loaded, remaining tabs will be loaded with decreased priority.


By delaying the loading of background tabs Opera 41 starts even more quickly

Opera 41

This version brings improvements to Video pop-out and video conferencing with hardware acceleration support, this ‘limits the need for CPU support and frees PC resources for other things, making the computer run more smoothly and decreasing battery consumption’.

Opera’s newsreader that has RSS support, now offers an option to add a source even if the user doesn’t know the exact RSS URL.

Download Opera 41.0.2353.46.