Few days back, Opera 40 released with free built-in VPN, RSS and Chromecast support, along with it, Opera software has shipped and enabled speed dial suggestions feature. The Opera desktop team wants you to offer suggestions to add most popular sites to speed dials.

These suggestions will appear at the bottom of the start page, you can right click on one and select ‘Add to speed dial’. If you’re annoyed about these and don’t want to see, you can disable them easily, here is how.


Disabling Speed Dial suggestions in Opera 40+

1. Click  on O-menu, select Settings,

2. Browser > Start Page, uncheck ‘Show Speed Dial Suggestions’.



1 Visit Start Page, click on three horizontal lines button in the top right corner to open Easy Setup menu,

2. Under Appearance, turn off the Switch for ‘Show Speed Dial Suggestions’

Note: SD suggestions won’t appear right away after installing Opera, they’ll be generated eventually based on your browsing history.

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