It has surprised us and most Nightly users when we saw the what’s new page for it after installing the update, which has bumped the version number to 52. You can expect to see what’s new in Firefox Nightly after every major version upgrade from now onwards and Mozilla has promised to update it periodically. To make it even more interesting for power users, the company might show one or more tips on it every month.

Firefox Nightly What’s New Page

What’s New page for Nightly is new. If you are a Nightly user, visit this link in it or check the below pic about the page. Mozilla has redesigned the Nightly first run page to align with the look of Firefox release download page.


Though the page doesn’t reveal the new features, but to find more additional information, it has links to Nightly blog, Firefox Nightly Twitter handle, experimental features page on MDN, IRC channel, to interact with Nightly community and Bugzilla, where they can report bugs and crashes if they experience.