Opera 12.x displays progress bar in the address bar while a page is loading, Vivaldi browser also shows progress when a page is loading letting users know how much is the size of a page and how many elements it contains, we may not need that information as other browsers also don’t display.

While old Opera allows to disable its progress bar, the Vivaldi browser also allows to do that. Yes! A new setting is now available for Address field in Vivaldi browser, by using that we can now able to disable the progress bar, here is how that can be done.


Turning off Vivaldi browser Progress bar

1. Click on V menu > Tools >  Settings > Address Bar

2. Uncheck ‘ Show Progress Bar‘ ‘Page Loading Progress Bar’ under Address Bar Options.


Vivaldi 1.5 Page Loading Progres bar setting in Address bar options

Note: Currently, this setting is available in Vivaldi snapshot 1.5. 633.16, that has got Reader Mode, and not available in stable version.