Pocket, the service which lets you save articles and videos to it, has updated their Chrome extension with two new features: when you add an article using Pocket extension, three related articles will be displayed, and another new feature that may annoy Chrome users is Pocket shows three new stories or topics that are tending on the web in the new tab page for you to check now or save later (check the below screenshot).

This is like hijacking the new tab page. Though you don’t use NTP, you don’t want to see other services or extensions abusing it, here is how you can disable Trending stories and topics shown by Pocket on Google Chrome new tab page.


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Disable trending stories and topics shown by Pocket on Chrome New Tab Page

1. Right click on the Pocket extension icon on Chrome toolbar and choose options

2. Uncheck Show stories and topics in my new tab


Uncheck Pocket New Tab and Recommendations settings

3And you may also want to uncheck ‘Show me recommendations on save‘ setting as well for Recommendations.

4. Done, Chrome NTP becomes normal and Pocket Recommendations on saving will be disabled. You can now use Pocket like before in Chrome.

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