Vivaldi team has released a new snapshot Vivaldi 1.5.604.4 for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, with a fix to HTML5 video and audio issue in Vivaldi 1.4, the fix applies to those running 32-bit Windows build with hardware acceleration disabled. If the fix works, Vivaldi technologies will backport the fix to 1.4 version users with a minor update.

Vivaldi 1.5 snapshot changes

Some interesting changes or new features we spotted from changelog are below

Tab reloaded when detached/attached

Add setting to control open in new tab shortcuts

Vivaldi has updated the options in Clear Private data dialog, which appears when you press Ctrl+Shift+Del. Unlike to the current  stable version, updated Clear Private Data dialog doesn’t have these options –Browser History, Download History, Cookies and other site data and Cached  images and files — checked by default.


You can download Vivaldi 1.5.604.4 snapshot from here.