Have you registered on Lenskart to get first frame for free or sunglasses for a low price? You may regret for doing that because of SMS and email spam you receive from the company. Though you can easily unsubscribe Lenskart emails and that might work, but it’s hard for you to do so from your mobile as opt out SMS you send to them will never work.

Unsubscribing Lenskart SMS

But Lenskart sent promotional SMS itself says you can opt out by sending SMS to a particular number of theirs, but that doesn’t work. Here is the way you can unsubscribe or opt out of Lenskart SMS on your mobile phone.

1. Just call their customer care number 09999899998 and ask support person in the call to unsubscribe your phone number from promotional messages.

2. Done, that simple, I, myself, have done that and it worked.