If you’ve purchased a license for Malwarebytes anti-malware and using it, but want to transfer this license to a new PC you’ve bought, you  should know this: you need to delete Malwarebytes license key from the existing PC, follow the instructions mentioned below for that.

Do remember, using a software licensed for a single PC on more than one is illegal, you may be abusing your license key and Malwarebytes also doesn’t allow to do that, it shows error code 4o3 while trying to activate saying usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed.


Malawarebytes license details

Transferring Malwarebytes anti-malware license to a new computer

1. On the machine that has MBAM installed and from which you want to delete the license, open Malwarebytes, click on ‘My Account’ and note down the ID/key. After that, download and run mbam-clean.exe, which is MBAM cleanup utility.

2. Restart your computer when prompted.

3. Install MBAM on the new machine and activate with ID/key you’ve noted earlier or search within emails for the email you’ve received when you purchased Malwarebytes from Cleverbridge, which also contains this information.