Don’t want to be tracked when you use Google? But still want to use that search engine without sending your searches and your private information to Google? It’s very much possible when you use StartPage search engine, which gives Google Search results with complete privacy protection. Here is how to make StartPage as default search engine in Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi browsers.

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Setting StartPage as Edge browser’s default search engine

1. Visit in the Edge browser

2. Click on More actions (…) > Settings, scroll down and click on ‘View Advanced Settings’ under Advanced Settings,

3. Scroll down a bit and under ‘Search in address bar with’, click on Change Search Engine

4.  Select ‘StartPage-English (discovered)‘ and click ‘Set as default

Setting StartPage Edge browser default search engine

5.  Done.

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Setting StartPage as Vivaldi browser’s default Search Engine

1. Launch Vivaldi, click on V menu > Tools > Settings > Search, click on  ‘Add New Search Engine’

2. Add the following details


Suggested URL:

Description: StartPage

Check ‘Set as default’ and Click ‘Add’

making StartPage Vivaldi default search engine

3. Done

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