Opera desktop team is preparing to move Opera 41 from developer to beta channel next week, this week’s update for developer has brought significant bug fixes and improvements to web feeds handling.

Opera 41: Subscribing to a site RSS feeds from the address bar

Don’t forget, Opera now has RSS Reader built-in. Opera Software has made it easy to subscribe to site feeds without needing to visit personal News first and then add the site feed URL.

With this update, when web feeds are detected for a site you’re on, Opera will show the Newspaper iconRSS icon would’ve been better in address bar, clicking on it shows feeds available, further clicking on a feed opens Personal News and displays the feed preview, you can subscribe to that site from there by clicking on ‘Add to my sources’.


The feature is still in early stage and is not polished, if you want to keep your address bar less distracting, you can disable the icon this way:

Visit Settings > Browser> User Interface and uncheck ‘Show available news feeds’

Opera Portable Installer is now available for this version.

Experimental 64-bit developer build for Windows is now available, Opera is planning to release this with version 41 stable.

Download Opera 41.0.2349.0