Opera Software has enabled lazy tab loading feature by default in Opera 41Lazy Session loading which has been available since a long time in the form of an option- ‘delay loading of background tabs’- in Advanced Settings, has been enabled by default, by Opera Software in Opera 41 developer version. The latest update brought this change along with improvements to battery saver, sync and Personal News.

With this update, Opera has introduced popular searches, these will be displayed below the Search box in Speed dial.

If Video Pop Out feature- which till now has been handled by software- is using too much CPU, you no longer need to worry about that, to address that, the company has added hardware acceleration support for the feature. With this, resources will be freed and CPU usage will be limited when you watch videos.

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 Lazy loading of restored tabs

With this feature, Opera will only load pinned tabs and most recent active tab from last session on startup, other background tabs will be delayed and loaded after them gradually. This will make Opera to load faster. Firefox has Tabs on demand feature, Opera Software has implemented like feature in Opera 41.