Opera 40 final based on Chromium 53 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and available for download. Opera 40 brings RSS and Chromecast support to the browser. The built-in VPN feature which has been available from long time in the developer stream, has finally come to stable version. Improvements landed for Video Pop Out feature, Personal News and battery saving mode, batter saver has a new revamped UI.

What’s new in Opera 40

Free VPN built into Opera and available for public

Ad-free, no subscription, and no-log free VPN is baked into Opera and available to desktop users. To get started, visit Settings > Privacy and Security, check ‘Enable VPN‘, click on VPN button and choose a virtual location, done.

Personal News with RSS Support

Opera browser with RSS support lets you subscribe to feeds for desired sites. To get started, open the Start Page, click on News icon and choose the sources you want to view and uncheck those which you don’t want, and click ‘Start Reading’.

Click ‘Add sources’, enter the feed URL, which when verified, you’ll be able to add it to Personal News. Feeds added this way will be displayed in timeline with ‘Custom Source’ label.

opera-40-rss-reader-in-personal-newsChromecast support

This version of Opera supports Chromecast. For the feature to work, you need to install GoogleCast extension. For that, Visit add-ons catalog and install Download Chrome Extension.

After that, visit Chrome Web Store and install Google Cast extension. 


Opera 40 Google Cast extension installed

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Batter Saver is now available with a new UI.

Video Pop Out feature contains improvements including support for Hardware acceleration, which make the feature to use less CPU when you  watch videos.

Search pop up: Like in Android and iOS, where right click menus appear without any clicks, if you select a text on a web page in Opera, a popup will appear and offers options to search or copy. You can disable this.

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This version includes the following change.

News display in the start page has been removed by Opera Software in this version.

If you want the News to be displayed automatically on Speed dial, enable advanced settings, click on cog wheel on start page and checks news.

Download Opera 40.0.2308.54