With version 6.9, Notepad++ has got Folder as Workspace feature. After receiving many requests, the developer has added that feature, which you can enable from the View menu or just drag and drop a folder containing text files onto NPP, the folder will be added to the sidebar in a panel, you can browse and open files, they will be opened in NPP. Changes mades in the folder from outside will be synchronized in the panel.

Some want to disable Folder as Workspace feature as they want the old behavior, where files in the folder should be opened in NPP when they drop a folder or two. The developer has heard the feedback and allows to turn off FaW in Notepad++ 7, here is how you can do that.

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Disabling Folder as Workspace feature in Notepad++

1. Ensure you’re using the latest Notepad++ 7.0 or later, launch NPP

2. Click on Settings > Preferences > Default Directory, check ‘Open all files of folder instead of launching Folder as Workspace on folder dropping’,


3. Click on Close.