New version of Google+ has been made the default option for users using out there, if you’ve not switched to or not tried new Google+ during the preview, over the next few days, you’ll be upgraded to the new experience when you sign in on the web. But, you can still able to get back to the old version of the Google social networking site. Here is how that can be done.

new Google+

 Getting back to classic Google+

  1. Sign in to G+ with your username and password
  2. Click on Back to classic Google+, that appears on left side bottom of  the sidebar and further click on ‘Back to Classic’
  3. Done.
Back to Classic Google+

Back to Classic Google+ option

Or stay on old Google+, on one day, you’ll be eventually switched to new Google+ automatically. To see the new G+ right away, click on ‘Lets Go’ or  ‘Try the new Google+’.

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