Google Chrome 53, which has recently got material design on Windows has started behaving weirdly, the browser tends to disable the extensions and reports ‘The extension may have been corrupted ‘error and offers repair button, which when clicked tries to reinstall the extension, but doesn’t succeed in doing so.

EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger and other extensions such as IDM were also affected. We don’t know how widespread this problem is. If you’re receiving this error for extensions you’ve installed, here is the temporary fix.

Chrome 53 reports HTTPS Everywhere Privacy Badger extensions may have been corrupted

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Fixing Chrome 53’s extension corrupted errors and here is how to re-enable those disabled extensions

1. All you’ve to do visit the corrupted extension page on the Chrome Web Store and click enable button. For instance, if you’ve HTTPS everywhere extension has been shown as corrupted, visit its page on the Web Store, which shows ‘This extension has been disabled in Chrome. Enable this item’. Click on Enable this item link.

extension page on Store offers enable button

2. After that, when you visit chrome://extensions page, you’ll notice the extension status as active.

3. Similarly, visit Privacy Badger page and enable the extension. This link is for the IDM extension page on the Store.

Note: Don’t uninstall the extensions fixed this way until the issue has been addressed by Google or extension developers, as reinstalling the extension after that is still throwing the same error. ATM, we can confirm Chrome 53 and Chrome 54 dev versions on Windows are showing this behavior.