Recently, we’ve told you Mozilla is working to bring pageshot screenshot sharing feature to Firefox test pilot program, another interesting feature that also in the works, that will come to Test pilot program is Min Vid –this may not be official feature name. The Min Vid feature, lets you minimize the video and watch it on any tab (initially works for YouTube).

You can correlate Firefox Min Vid to Opera video pop out feature. Currently, there is no way to test the minimized video feature. Check out our exclusive hands on feature in the video below.

Min Vid: Minimize Video in Firefox


Once the add-on is installed, the Min Vid icon will be overlaid on top left corner of video, which on clicking, video will be minimized to left corner of the browser window. Original video will be automatically stopped. You can also able to right click on a video and select ‘send to mini player‘ context menu option for the feature to work.


Min Vid Player offers these controls: send to tab – sends the minimized video to a new tab, this opens the original video- minimize and close buttons. When there is no interaction from user, controls won’t be shown by default. When you press enter with mouse cursor on video, controls will be shown.

Mozilla offers below information about Min Vid on gihub page.

“Min Vid is a Firefox add-on which lets you minimize a web video and keep it within the browser window. The video panel stays visible even when you switch tabs, so you can keep watching while you browse.

The goal is to experiment with what it means to start to give the user control over the media they are consuming on the web. Users should be able to consume content in whatever mean they feel comfortable. In the future we may be exploring these concepts with other forms of media, such as audio or pdfs.”

Note: The feature is still in testing phase. You may need to wait for some more time for the feature to be made available via test pilot program as an add-on.