Firefox 49 release which was originally scheduled to ship on September 13, this month, has been delayed, its release date has been pushed to Sep 20th. The reason for delay is because of RC uplifts that need evaluation and other outstanding issues that needs to be addressed before releasing the stable version.

They’re buying extra one week time to fix those and this doesn’t affect release of next Firefox versions. For instance, the browser vendor still expects to release Firefox 50 as scheduled (8 week cycle), that is on November 8, 2016.

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Firefox 49 Release date is Sep 20

This is what Firefox release manager, Liz Henry said regrading Firefox 49 release delay ”

Hello Platform and Firefox teams,

Because of two blocking issues and the need for a bit more time to evaluate
the results of their fixes/backouts, we need to push back the upcoming
merge and release dates.

We will plan for merge day to be Monday Sept. 19th, with release planned
for Tuesday Sept. 20th.”

Note: By the time of writing, the company has fixed Slow Script issue and other bug that blocked the release, we don’t know this changes their release plan yet again.

Firefox release schedule 2016